“bluemenkind53” Wins PokerStars Super Tuesday

One of the biggest online midweek tournaments, the PokerStars Super Tuesday brought us another big field of players looking to take down the $1,050 NLHE event. The buy-in usually ensures that there is a big contingent of big names and this one certainly did not disappoint in that regard.

There were a total of 464 players that created a healthy prize pool of around $464k which as per usual in any PokerStars tournament completely smashed the guarantee, of which in this case was $300k. That prize pool was to be shared amongst the top 54 players with a grand total of $89,041.60 heading to the winners account.

The event took just four hours before that field was down to the last 100 players, with the then chip leader being David “CrabMaki” Shallow; he was the only player who had surpassed the 100k mark in chips at that point.

Just one hour later and that field were almost halved, as there were just 60 remaining with the bubble quickly approaching. “CrabMaki” had seen his chip lead deteriorate as he was pushed back down to an average sized stack. The new chip lead was constantly being contested by both “Viking8844” and “bluemenkind53”.

As the day progressed for another couple of hours we were now down to just 18 remaining players, with some of them being some highly respected names on the poker circuit. There was Justas ‘selinantus” Semaska, Jordan “Jymaster11” Young, Patrick “Schildy1984” Mahoney and Mike “Pipedream17” Dietrich all still with a good chance at winning the event.

Dave “CrabMaki” Shallow had again moved himself up the rankings and found himself top of the pile for the second time in the event as he held around 350k in chips. Though he wasn’t too far ahead of both “Viking8844” and “myzikant”.

After another hour we were finally at the final table, the last nine players were now ready to compete for the big money.

The Final Table!

üä-qaypö.wsx — 109,544

youaremelon — 202,879

oncommand — 218,864

blumenkind53 — 283,790

myzikant — 231,482

Viking8844 — 575,818

micide — 459,115

Nunavut Nerd — 80,251

youre — 158,257

Once the table was set it didn’t take long for the eliminations to start flying as we lost “youaremelon”, “Nunuvut Nerd” and “oncommand” in quick succession. The rest of the event followed suit with the remaining players all being eliminated one by one until we were finally heads up between “blumenkind53” and “micide”.

When it came it was a bit of a mismatch in reality as “blumenkind53” already had such a huge chip advantage and it wasn’t long before he had sealed the title and winners cheque.

Final Standings!

blumenkind53 — $83,950.45*

micide — $71,211.15*

myzikant — $48,720.00

Viking8844 — $37,120.00

youre — $25,984.00

üä-qaypö.wsx — $19,720.00

oncommand — $15,080.00

Nunavut Nerd — $10,440.00

youaremelon — $7,702.40