Boeree Blogs On ‘Mind Control Freaks’

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We knew it was coming at some point but now we know a better idea of just when Liv Boeree’s new television show will be airing. Apparently ‘Mind Control Freaks’ is already being aired in Sweden, South Africa and Denmark whilst all of us in the UK will get the chance to see it sometime in the Autumn.

Mind Control Freaks is a television show that will run for ten episodes and sees Boeree (The Charmer) as one of four experts that set out to trick the public using psychology and mind-manipulation.

We already know that Boeree is more than comfortable in front of the cameras so this should be an interesting show to catch. Until then we can listen to what Boeree herself says of the show in her latest blog over on PokerStarsBlog.

She talks to us about how she was initially invited to be involved in the show, revealing that she had to do a test trick on the public, a little about some of the tricks she performs on the show and how the show also seems to have impacted her performances on the poker table.

I’m really excited about the new TV program I’m involved with for Discovery Channel called Mind Control Freaks. I’m one of four “Mind Control Freaks” as we call them (my nickname is “The Charmer”) and we put people through different experiments to illustrate various psychological phenomena. From the episodes I’ve seen, it’s strange, a bit creepy and very entertaining!”

Her favourite trick was one that involved her swapping places with a woman that looked similar to her whilst on dates with men. Apparently none of them were able to realise that throughout their date that the woman that they thought were talking to was actually somebody else.

The date continued and the lad didn’t notice at all that he was talking to a completely different person! We switched out a number of times during the date and he never caught on. I couldn’t believe it!” 

She also talks about how the show changed her views on hypnotism, saying that she used to be a skeptic. Having seen it firsthand however, she saw the true power of it and decided to work with a hypnotist to help her with her poker. She claims that since then her results have been far more consistent and whilst she does not put this definitely down to the help from hypnotism, she thinks it could be.

It’s a great blog which you should all read and it also sounds like the show is going to be great fun to watch as well.