Boeree, Gruissem, Kurganov Team Up For Charity

give back written on stones

Many of the top poker players around today love nothing more than being able to give something back and make a difference to those that need it. They often like to pledge money to charities that are for a wide range of causes, knowing that their money could be helping somebody they do not even know.

However, how do players know which are the best charities? All charities obviously are good for what they do but which are the most efficient with the money that is handed to them?

Well known and extremely successful tournament players Philipp Gruissem, Liv Boeree and Igor Kurganov has come up with an excellent way to find out just that. He has set up REG (Raising For Effective Giving), a website that allows poker players to donate a set amount of their earnings to charities that have proven to make the most difference with the money donated to them.

Players can commit just 2% of their earnings every quarter to the site which will then donate the money to the charities selected by the players. If no charities are selected, the site will automatically make a choice of their own on which charity should receive the donations.

They launched on the 4th of July:



The site is already becoming popular among many poker professionals, with PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu arguably being the most well known of them all showing his support for the idea.