Boeree Makes Final Table Of Sunday Women’s!

For the casual women, there really isn’t much that can stop them from spending an immense amount of timeout Christmas shopping. However, with the PokerStars Women’s Sunday on every Sunday, the poker women about us are truly hooked.

PokerStars again ran its usual series of events, with the Sunday Warm-up and Sunday Million, though it was for the last time this year.

The PokerStars Women’s Sunday, this week attracted a total of 204 women, which created a prize pool of $10,200.

One thing that we cannot ignore with a women’s online event is the pure politeness about it, get beat by quads when you have a full house and it’s almost like your opponent wishes they didn’t have the hand, The more ambitious of players though will always try to push to three front which is why we had names such as Liv Boeree.

Though she was unable to win the tournament, she made her presence felt the whole way through and on another day would have literally dominated. She was eventually eliminated in 6th place after running her Ah-Td into the pocket kings of “CzaRnaPL”.

At least Liv was eliminated by the eventual winner as “CzaRnaPL” went on to take the title and of course the $2,085.90 for her troubles. Though the field was not the strongest for obvious reasons such as something called Christmas, this event still proved to be quite an exciting one, with some of the world’s top women trying to get a final little score in before Christmas.

The woman that finished in second place was “pointful92” as all of the chips ended up in the middle with the eventual winner was holding the Qd-8d whilst against pocket jacks.

This led to “CzaRnaPL” winning her first major tournament, whether live or online, She took down a score of $2,085,90 whilst the girl in second place took home a respectablel $1,530.

With this event over and done with, it has all of us poker freaks looking forward to the start of 2013. There Is a wide range of events that are available, from the PCA championships, to the Aussie Millions to keep us all occupied.

With the big major online tournaments out of the way for the final week of the year, it already has us licking our lips in anticipation for what is already looking like it will be a great 2013.

If you love to follow your poker and like to be on top of everything that is going on, keep coming back to stay informed.

Merry Christmas to all of you and a very happy new year!