Bonus Cut And EPT London Main Event Episode 2 (vids)

London, UK is a great place to go to find some interesting videos that either offer up a bit of coverage, player interviews or a bit of light humour. Recently they have added another bunch of videos relating to the EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final and have even released their latest coverage from the EPT London Main Event last year.

We have included that coverage at the bottom but before you take in that excellent poker action we thought we would share the latest Bonus Cut videos in which players and media alike are challenge with a series of questions.

Part 1 of the PokerStars Bonus Cut Monaco Challenge consists of questions being directed at some of the poker industries best and most well known bloggers about the game that they write about. They are asked questions such as what the hand rankings are in Texas Hold’em? What the real name of Amarillo Slim is? And who the first player was to win a payout of more than $1 million?

You will be quite surprised at the results.

Part 2 of the Bonus Cut Monaco Challenge this time sees well known poker professionals Steve O’Dwyer, Justin Bonomo and PokerStars Team Pro Marcel Luske quizzed on Monaco. They are primed with selecting the right flag for the city, the name that local Monaco people go by and how many airports there are in the city. has also recently released Episode 2 of their EPT London Main Event coverage from late last year. It now sees all of the best action from the feature tables on Day 1b of the event. The main feature table includes PokerStars Team Pro Vicky Coren, Ole Schemion and Philipp Gruissem and lasts a good 50 minutes.

If you missed the first episode then you can find that by going here.