Boobekov Is The Breast Of Day 1c In The APPT Snowfest

Nurlan Boobekov from Australia finished Day 1c of the APPT Snowfest in first place from today’s players, though is currently only 7th out of all players from Days 1 a, b and c.

He took the daily honours from day 1c in the PokerStars sponsored event, yet failed to make a serious impression on the overall leader board. He finished with 69,200 chips which was good enough to win the day, but not to get to the top of the leader board overall.

Much like Ken Demlakian the day before, Boobekov managed to stay firmly under the radar during Day c. Everyone was mainly focusing on the big names in the tournament, and Boobekov stormed ahead right near the end of the day.

In fact the biggest of his hands was deep into the final level of the day; he won a pot of 36,000 with a simple Ace-high hand against John Shin. Shin himself is through to Day 2 finishing the day in 3rd place. Others through are Gary Retallick who was once at the top of the leader board for the day but lost a big hand late in the day, and Craig Blight who had been playing superbly and really gave PokerStars pro Bryan Huang a tough game near the end of the days play.

Another of the other survivors of the day was Alicia Sale who is known as “the Queen of Queenstown”, who for those that remember last year, she amassed a very healthy 91,750 chips before getting busted on Day 2. She did manage to win one of the side events though so she wouldn’t have been too disappointed.

Leo Boxall who is highly respected on this side of the world and is even a hall of famer also just scraped through, he managed to pick up pocket aces with just 30 minutes of play remaining and won a hand that got him through to tomorrows Day 2.

PokerStars Pro Team player Roy Bhasin didn’t have such a good day though and ended up out of the tournament quite early on.

Broken Records

As was expected, there were new attendance records set for this event, with a total of 12 more players entering the Main Event than the previous record set in 2009 and similar improvements amongst the side events. This has created a prize pool of around $300,000 to be shared amongst the top 15, the winner winning close to $90,000.

Play recommences on Friday with all of the survivors from the previous 3 days play, 87 in total will do battle hoping to make it into the final days play. Here are the standings from Day 1c:


• Nurlan Boobekov – 69,2002

• Gary Retallick – 55,6503

• John Shin – 47,8254

• Kristian Lunardi – 47,6005

• Aaron Benton – 44,0506

• Craig Blight – 43,6257

• Jarred Graham – 40,7758

• Bryan Huang – 39,9259

• Yvo Molin – 38,95010

• Jason O´Brien – 35,175