Both Amatuers And Pro’s Get Together In The Valley For Prizes Worth $1 Million

Poker players from all across America will be coming together for the 8th annual Arizona State poker Championship, with prize pools set to exceed $1 million.

The competition actually began yesterday and will run right through until Tuesday and is being hosted at the talking Stick resort In Arizona. The buy-in for this event is $1,070 with each of the top 100 players receiving at least $2,250 with the winner reportedly getting $208,300.

The game is NLHE with each player receiving 15,000 chips in the beginning; the rest is up to them.

Packy Wants To Defend His Title

The winner from last year’s event was Steve “Packy” Paulson, he ended up pocketing a cool $200,000 and has recently been trying to up his game in order to defend his title. However, that will not guarantee success.

“Anyone of us can win it, it’s all about the cards and how you play them but I do have plenty of confidence and feel I stand a good chance. I am very competitive and never like losing at anything” said Paulson. Paulson actually started playing poker by accident nearly 22 years ago.

This happened when he walked up to a table that he thought was blackjack, it was poker however and he has been in love with the game ever since. “There is just so much involved in this game, its incredibly addictive” he said.

He is now 62 and has lived in Arizona most of his life but he is certainly no stranger to competition, he was formerly an amateur boxing champion and likens the buzz of sitting at a poker table to that of being in the ring.

The excitement isn’t just confined to the players, the people behind the event are also incredibly proud of how the tournament has grown over the years. The Talking Stick poker director Kent Odekirk stated that the championship just continues to grow year on year. The tournament started in 2005 but it wasn’t until they started offering a guaranteed $1million prize pool that the tournament was started to be known as the biggest in Arizona.

This year they are expecting over 1,000 entrants which easily breaks all previous records, and with each year bringing a different winner so far Steve Poulson will have to be at his best to defend his title of last year.

We will be keeping you right up to date with the action in this tournament, as well as how Poulson fairs. Whoever wins, they will go away with the title of winning not only the best but also the biggest tournament to be found in Arizona.