“Bttech86” Wins $246.5k Back From Tom Dwan

A good poker player never lies down, that is one common quality that each of these high stakes players have, with Ben “Bttech86” Tollerene certainly being no different. Many of us would crumble at the thought that we lost that much money, but no these guys. He lost around $500k over the weekend but got right back on the horse to win a total of $246.5k over the past couple of days.

He achieved this by spending most of his time on the $300/$600 Pot Limit Omaha tables, with most of his profit coming from one man. That man is Tom “durrrr” Dwan, who has run into a good bit of form of late, with him securing around $2 million profit over the weekend.

That run was about to come to an end though as these two went head to head again in a fairly short session. He was initially up around $100k from his opponent, yet he dropped some big hands to his opponent to gift him the majority of his score on the high stakes tables across this period.

They were also involved in some big hands, with the first seeing “durrrr” getting caught bluffing for a pot of $168.8k. “durrrr” actually finished the day at a loss of $178.9k, due to picking up some small profits later on.

Other big winners included “LhhmMaoly” who was a winner of $123.9k over at the No Limit Holdem $200/$400 tables at PokerStars. He was up against players of the ilk of “ragen70”, “muha84”, “Trueteller”, “Barcode” and the super aggressive “forhayley”. That session was actually the biggest profit during this period, despite only lasting less than three hours.

He also won one of the biggest pots too, with him hitting a full house on the river to take home $124.2k from his opponent “Trueteller”.

“patpatpanda” also had a good day at the tables, taking home $104.8k over at Full Tilt Poker, with him preferring to play on the mixed game tables. After a difficult 2012, the mysterious player is now starting to get to grips with the high stakes cash games and is having a very good year so far in 2013.

The Biggest Earners!

Bttech86 – (+$246.5k)

LhhmMaoly – (+$123.9k)

patpatpanda – (+$104.8k)

Geza4308 – (+$76k)

Come back tomorrow to see which players have managed to turn a profit, whilst which ones have seen their money go down the drain. We love the high stakes action and like keeping our eye on exactly what is going down, so you know exactly where to look if you are of the same ilk.