Busquet Wins EPT Barcelona Super High Roller (vid)

Coastline of Barcelona

The first major event at the Season 11 European Poker Tour opener in Barcelona has now come to an end with Olivier Busquet beating ‘Big One for One Drop’ winner Dan Colman to the Super High Roller title. Both players had agreed to chop the prize pool when they reached heads-up leaving just €30k and the title to play for.

He managed to beat his opponent claiming a payout of €896,434 but as you can tell from the tweet, the title obviously means more to him than the money.

He is also the first to admit that he got extremely lucky at one point with his tournament life on the line. An incredible hand saw him with just a 1% chance of winning on the flop when all-in with his As-2s against the Ks-Kd of Sven Reichardt. The flop had fallen as the 8h-8c-Kc giving his opponent a full house but the Ah and Ad fell on the turn and river respectively to somehow give him the pot.

Day 3 began with the final nine players all already in the money and was about which of them would be able climb the money rankings and eventually take the tournament. One by one the likes of Sam Trickett, Scot Seiver and Dan Shak fell leaving both Colman and Busquet who are good friends fighting for the title.

Colman eventually became the short stack and pushed all in on the final hand with the Ax-Kx and was called by the Qh-Jh of Busquet only to see a queen hit on the turn to give his opponent the victory.

Colman will not be too disappointed to add another big score to his earnings this year after both players had already agreed to a pretty equal split of the prize pool however.

How It Finished

1st) Olivier Busquet – €896,434 (d)

2nd) Daniel Colman – €843,066 (d)

3rd) Vladimir Troyanovskiy – €473,200

4th) Scott Seiver                – €364,200

5th) Sam Trickett – €288,400

6th) Sven Reichardt – €225,500

7th) Morten Klein – €177,500

8th) Dan Shak – €138,600

Watch all the final table action in the following video: