Bust a Pro on Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker

Gus Hansen and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom are hardly the opponents to challenge in a heads-up game with your own money. Full Tilt Poker presents its players with a rare chance of competing against these poker professionals without jeopardising their bankroll. The promotion goes by the name of “Bust a Pro” and the winner will scoop an amount of $50,000 if he or she defeats the poker pro in three consecutive games.

Sarne Lightman, Head of Marketing at Full Tilt Poker told Full Tilt Poker Blog about this promotion which requires players to deposit at least $20 and accumulate a minimum amount of 25 Full Tilt Points throughout a day: ““Bust a Pro is a really exciting opportunity for our players to test their skills against the biggest names in poker. Not only do they have the chance to take on one of The Professionals, but they can win up to $50,000 in the process!”

Meeting this prerequisite will result in an entry to one of the four $10 freerolls and the winners of these events will be pit against Viktor Blom or Gus Hansen. Those players who qualify for the freeroll will get to choose between two types of events which go by the name of Gus Hansen or Isildur1Bust a Pro Freerolls”.

Players should also know that earning more points during the freeroll week will translate into more chips being added to their starting stacks, hence better chances to prevail. Winners should get ready to play three consecutive rounds against their poker professional of choice, starting on January 5th. Those who win the first round will be credited with $5,000; a victory in round two would trigger a payout of $15,000 while those who defeat the poker pro for the third time will collect $50,000.

Full Tilt Poker presents its members with a chance of salvaging a portion of the profits after Round 2. It is up to the players to take the $20,000 won at that point or venture everything but $5,000 for a chance of winning 10 times that sum.

The promotion starts on Sunday December 15th and will run for two consecutive weeks, with a small deposit of $20 and 25 Full Tilt Points earned in at least one day being enough to meet the requirements. It will take a while before players will get another chance to take on either Gus Hansen or Viktor Blom in a heads-up game, so we suggest that Full Tilt Poker members should jump on the bandwagon right away.