Caesars Is Slapped With Big Fine

The Las Vegas Casino that is the annual host of the biggest poker tournament in the world, the World Series Of Poker has been fined $100k. The fine is the result of underage gambling charges that were filed against the casino.

They have also been warned of much stiffer penalties if it were to happen again. The Nevada gaming Commissioner Randolph Townsend has stated that “It wasn’t just a single incident, rather a pattern of abuse”. He made this statement on Thursday whilst the regulatory panel all decided to vote to accept the settlement from Caesers. This was on the back of numerous charges where underage drinking and gambling had been witnessed at many of the company’s resorts between 2010 and the month of May this year.

Next Time The Ramifications Will be Much Sterner

Townsend’s comments were supported emphatically by his fellow commissioners who all agreed that on this occasion Caesars had got off very lightly. They all called for a much stiffer penalty of at least seven figures if it was to happen again, and if that isn’t the case they will litigate it.

Commissioner Tony Alamo Jr thinks that $100k is nothing to Caesars and is not a strong enough message being sent to the industry as a whole. It was explained to him by the deputy attorney general that this decision was based on a precedent and on the history of the casino.

Alamo still believes they could have negotiated a number that was much more significant.

Caesars admitted to all violations and agreed to pay the fine immediately. The spokesman for Caesars Gary Thompsen stated that the organization takes underage drinking and gambling very seriously and as always is looking to address this very quickly. “We are strongly recognized as leader when it comes to responsible gambling, we are still committed to our programs at dealing with these issues such as the Project 21”

Project 21 is a project that is tasked with addressing any underage issues.

Caesars now have 60 days to file a report suggesting exactly how they are going to tighten up on their responsibilities when it comes to ensuring nobody underage can be allowed to gamble or drink on their premises.

Staff Misread Identification

The complaints come from the staff allegedly not reading the ID’s correctly. One such incident occurred when a customer was asked for identification and was shown a passport that showed the customer was in fact only 19. The member of staff completely misread it and allowed the underage customer to play blackjack.

Caesars will now have to clean up their act, if there is one more incident the commission will literally be after blood.