Cantu Claims He Was Robbed Of Bracelet And Title

Brandon Cantu has certainly not been a happy bunny over the past couple of days, the double WSOP bracelet winner displaying his anger at the way he feels the WSOPE €10,450 Mix-Max bracelet was literally stolen from him.

Yesterday saw him lose heads up versus Jonathan Aguiar which meant he missed the chance to pick up a third career bracelet. It happened after the original final had to be extended a further day and was actually postponed for more than 24 hours as both players were in the Main Event.

The Original Heads Up Final!

Both players had reached the final after successfully defeating their semi final opponents with Cantu even having to endure a torrid 8 hour semi final with Roger Hairabedian. That semi final was the main reason this final was postponed, with their also being a lot of controversy and sniping going on in that match too.

The final then went on for six hours before it was eventually stopped at 5am by the casino. Cantu says that in that final he played some of the best poker he had ever done and had put in probably one the best heads up performances of all time.

Cantu wanted the final to be continued the following afternoon, yet Aguiar didn’t want to compete at that time as he was due to play in the Main Event at that time. This meant that the final was moved back another day.

In the end though, both players were eliminated in the Main Event and play re-started yesterday. Aguiar had the beating of Cantu and took the bracelet, the title and the cheque of €258,047 for winning the event.

This left Cantu extremely upset as he believes that his opponent had far too much time to regroup and take advice from his poker friends on how to beat him. This has led to a rather public exchange on Twitter with it eventually coming down to Cantu offering Aguiar heads up match. The winner will pick up the difference between the cash prize for first and second in the WSOPE event which stands at about $130k.

Aguiar has accepted though he has made a few statements concerning his opponent’s complete lack of class at losing. The clash is set to go ahead during the World Poker Tour Festa al Largo and promises to be a bit of a grudge match.

We will let you know exactly how that match up pans out as and when it happens, though we have to admit that we are quietly siding with Aguiar, it seems some people just do not like losing!