Carter Gill goes from ecstasy to agony (vid)

sad boy

Sometimes an image is worth 1,000 words and this is definitely true for Carter Gill whose performance at the World Series of Poker 2013 left a long-lasting impression on the audience. He was eliminated in the 371st place but what was memorable about his appearance was the fact that in a matter of seconds he turned from a jolly fellow into a depressed individual. As for the poker player, he didn’t lose his composure and found the strength to joke around on Twitter:


Gill had to settle for a tiny consolation prize but he gained a lot of popularity online, even though for all the wrong reasons. The video is inching closer to 2 million views online so it is only fair to include it in the viral category, with many players thinking of Carter’s expression as “the saddest face in poker”.


Worse things have happened at World Series of Poker tables this year and on previous seasons, but Carter’s expression following the disheartening loss was priceless and it made the entire scene memorable.


Now that the WSOP is behind him, Carter has plenty of time to watch his original performance raking views on Youtube. If that would only translate into followers, things would be so much better:


Twitter is buzzing with messages about Carter’s close brush with destiny at the tables, and not surprising, the most amusing ones are posted by Gill himself:


Carter’s poker face was shattered by a Queen on the river and now the before/after pictures are viral over the Internet. This one is a shining example of how one card can change everything for a poker player at the WSOP:


Fellow poker players were quick to jump on the bandwagon and talk about the remarkable transition from unbridled happiness to utter sadness. Kevin MacPhee tweeted his followers and they were all quick to analyze every single action preceding and following Carter Gill’s bad beat.


Carter did a fine job in luring his opponent into a trap and saw him calling his two pairs with a single pair and a Queen for a kicker. Unfortunately for him, one of the remaining three queens popped up on the river and saw him crashing out of the tournament. The transformation was dramatic and the 2 minutes long ESPN video does a brilliant job in capturing the very essence of the moment: