Chad Elie To Be Moved To Different Prison

Chad Elie’s legal team have managed to convince the Judge to put a recommendation forward to allow the defendant to see out his five month prison sentence in a softer prison rather than the maximum security one he is in right now.

The defendant who was initially sentenced to five months behind bars in November, due to the payment processors involvement in the debacle at the former Full Tilt. He will serve the time due to heavy involvement in a number of illegal transactions at the site.

The order which was sent by the Judge Lewis Kaplan was dated the 2nd of January of this year, will also cause a delay on the prison reporting of Elie, with the date being put back from the 7th of Jan to the 28th, this is so prison authorities can take some time to consider the recommendation.

As we mentioned earlier, Elie was sentenced to his prison term back in November and was sent to the MDC Brooklyn to see out his time. Though the exact prison camp that Elie is staying in is actually classed as minimum security, it is part of a larger complex and is said to offer far less privileges than similar classed facilities.

One such issue was the fact that family is only allowed to visit on the weekends, which is one of the main reasons Elie is after a move.

The Judge Kaplan didn’t seem to have a problem with the proposal and put the recommendation, as well as the delay on reporting forward. The recommendation wants Elie to serve his time at CL Taft in California, which would allow for more frequent as well as more convenient visitation from his family.

Another part of Elie’s punishment was that he had to pay out a fine of $500k, as well as surrender all claims against the assets that were seized by the DOJ during the crackdown surrounding Black Friday. He is also serving a month less than the original recommendations by the court, who said that he should between 6-12 months behind bars.

Elie has lately been seen on twitter under the rather imaginative handle of @BlackFridayChad, telling his followers plenty of stories about how life in prison is treating him, as well as some tales about what had occurred at Full Tilt during his time there.

His latest tweet was about this decision by the judge, with Elie claiming that it was the Judge that didn’t want him in the maximum security prison.