Challenge Rafa – Take Him On At Tennis And At Poker

Have you ever watched Wimbledon and seen Rafa Nadal playing and thought you wouldn’t mind testing your tennis skills against him? Well come this December one fortunate player will get to do just that and take on the PokerStars Ambassador at not just tennis but poker too in a specially arrange contest over in Mallorca.

While I doubt there is anyone who wins the ticket could beat him at tennis, unless Roger Federer wins it, we all stand a chance at beating him though he may well have picked up his game by then.

Starting on the 24th of September poker players will be able to compete in free tournaments held on PokerStars to try and win the opportunity to take part in what is being called Rafa Nadal Dream Day.

The qualifiers of this tournament will then be able to meet Rafa, who is an eleven time Grand Slam winner, get free coaching from his very own personal tennis coach and even get to play against him on the tennis court. Then once that is over they get the chance to beat him at something they might stand a chance at…poker!

“It is always an experience that I love, when I meet up with any of my fans, but this is definitely a completely new experience for me. I usually spend time signing autographs with them and having a chat but have never have I been pitted against them like this.” Said Nadal

“I have always been a very competitive person no matter what I am doing, whether it is on the tennis court, playing video games or playing a few games of poker. I have never liked losing and I will always be trying my hardest to win. I may still be a newcomer at poker but I now have a poker coach and by time this day comes around where I play against my fans I am hoping I will be ready. Of course it will be plenty of fun, yet if I was honest I really do not want to lose!” he added.

There will be two days of the Rafa Nadal Dream Day Experience, on both the 1st and then 2nd of December this year, where it will be held on the island of Majorca.

The prize for winning a qualifying place will be the full cost of the flights plus the accommodation whilst any meals and drinks will also be covered. To find out more about this tournament, simply head on over to PokerStars.