Chris Ferguson The Latest To Settle Civil Case

shutterstock_99349745It was released yesterday by Ian J.Imrich, who used to act as a counsel for the former Full Tilt Poker, which the latest of the men behind the fall of the previously owned site Chris Ferguson has filed for a settlement with the USCSD (United States Court Southern District Of New York).

The revelation came via a tweet made by Imrich which provided a link to the very papers that Ferguson had filed.

These papers shared what he was willing to pay and what he was willing to forfeit with respect to his civil case. This included Ferguson forfeiting his “Ferguson Account Funds” to the United States Marshal Service, paying an extra $2,350,000 quoted as “additional funds” within the next month and also agreeing to no longer show any kind of interest in any money that he believes may be owed to him by the site.

Along with that he also agrees that he will no longer look to work for any unlicensed gaming websites in America. The key point again though, is that as with each of the other board members of the former Full Tilt Poker, he also wants to admit no wrongdoing or culpability with what went wrong at the site.

The papers were signed at the bottom by Ferguson and both of his legal representatives, with the original Tweeter Imrich disclosing that they expect the court to approve the settlement very soon.

Previously In The Black Friday Settlements!

Just a couple of months ago in December of 2012, Fergusons fellow former owner of Full Tilt Poker Howard Lederer also settled with the SDNY. He forfeited a number of properties, a car, and just over $1 million. He took no responsibility or guilt in the whole proceedings.

Before him we also saw Rafe Furst make a similar settlement with the SDNY in November of last year, leaving just Ray Bitar, who is facing criminal charges for fraud.

Though this is probably to be expected following the previous settlements, it will go no way to easing the anger from many of the former Full Tilts customers. Those players that were lied to and promised that their money was safe in the site, with Americans still not actually being re-acquainted with their funds as of yet, will still feel that the former board members have got away extremely lightly.


As we all know, PokerStars have stepped in and bought the site from the DOJ, paid the debts that the former ownership owed and re-launched the site in a new and properly managed way. They gave the DOJ the money to re-compensate the American players, yet the DOJ is yet to have passed that money on.

Full Tilt Poker is now back to the buzzing poker site it once was, though this time it will be taking care of its customer’s money.