Cleaning Up With Jose “Girah” Macedo

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It’s been a few years now since the former teenage poker prodigy Jose “Girah” Macedo admitted to cheating at the online poker tables and according to Pokernews he has spent the last few years away from the game to concentrate on a new business he has set up.

In 2011, he confessed to cheating. This confession led to him losing all respect, a poker sponsorship and many friends, leading to him to step away from the game for good.

Since then he has actually become a bit of a success in business having set up a cleaning service that is aimed at earning students a little bit more money.

This business was started at the University of Lancaster in the UK and he now has seven students working for him. They started by cleaning bedrooms and bathrooms on the campus but have now expanded to include kitchens and many other different rooms both on and off the campus.

He claimed that the business is now generating a turnaround of about €240,000 and that he hopes to expand to other universities in the future.

Though many may never forget his cheating past, some feel that he just made a stupid mistake at the age of 18 and that he was at least man enough to confess and take full responsibility for his actions. At least it does seem that he is working hard at keeping his nose clean and becoming a success at something, though we do wonder just how far this kid could have gone in the game if he had avoided taking that path.