Coimbra On Poker, Coffee and Chocolate

chocolate and coffeee

PokerStars Team Online memberAndre Coimbra has returned once again with his latest blog over at PokerStarsBlog and this time discusses two of his addictions related to poker and how he is trying to conquer them.

Whilst the word addiction brings to mind a wide range of undesirable activities, the ones that Coimbra has are actually not that bad. The two addictions that he talks about are coffee and chocolate, how he became addicted to them, the effect they had on his poker and how he went about dealing with them.

First up was the coffee.

“But then I started playing scheduled tournaments and the sessions got bigger and bigger. I started feeling the need for more and more caffeine to stay focused and it got to the point where It started affecting my sleep, but if I didn’t get coffee after missing some sleep I couldn’t work at all…”

Despite trying to swap out coffee for green tea, Coimbra found it hard to both play long sessions of tournament poker without using some form of stimulant to help keep him focused. In the end, rather than trying to cut down the coffee he instead turned to Sit and Go tournaments which meant less time at the computer which resulted in no more need for coffee.

His second addiction of chocolate came about when suffering from bad beats or bad days at the tables. He would use chocolate to make himself feel better.

“On those days where everything goes wrong, I just wanted to feel better as soon as possible and get away from the situation. I wanted some instant gratification and for that I had…chocolate!

The problem is that the more I ate, the less effective it became, and the fatter I got”

He admitted that it would be impossible to quit chocolate altogether so instead turned to running. Every time that he ran he would award himself some chocolate as he had already burned off the calories. He says that since then his cravings for chocolate have reduced so much that he now uses other methods for handling those bad days such as getting a massage.

It is an interesting blog post that really shows that there are other ways to fight addictions rather than just targeting the addiction itself. Look to the cause of the addiction first and see if there is some way you can make changes to that cause so that you will not need what you are addicted to.