Colman Beats Negreanu To ‘One Drop’ Bracelet

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Daniel “mrgr33n13” Colman has now completed what has to be one of the most impressive conversions from the online game to the live game in history. He only really made a name for himself a couple of months ago on the live circuit after winning the EPT Grand Final Super High Roller for a score of $2.1 million, yet here he is now celebrating a his first WSOP bracelet and the winners payout of $15,306,668.

Colman is known for his exploits online where he is considered one of the world’s very best SNG players, however he is now considered one of the highest career earning players too.

The man that is now the highest earning live poker player is that of Daniel Negreanu who finished runner up in this event. He now sits on $29,796,380 for his career, putting him a good $3 million ahead of Antonio Esfandiari who scooped this title the last time it was player two years ago.

The day began with nine players and just one of them would still be going home empty handed. That man was Tom Hall, allowing the rest of the field to know they had at least recouped their money with $300k on the top.

The action really got started then as the players fell one by one and included Scott Seiver, Tobias Reinkemeier, Rick Salomon and the man who finished in third place Christoph Vogelsang.

Once heads up got underway between Colman and Negreanu the action lasted for a total of 46 hands with the momentum swapping and changing on a number of occasions, though in the end it swung favourably the way of Colman who eventually finished Negreanu off in a massive hand.

That hand saw all of the money go into the middle with Negreanu holding the Ad-4c and Colman the Kd-Qh. The flop fell as the Js-Ah-4s to give Negreanu two pair and Colman a gunshot straight draw. The turn completed the latter’s straight when the 10s fell. The river ended Negreanu’s dream and made Colmans’ come true when the 7s fell.

The Final Standings

1st) Daniel Colman – $15,306,668

2nd) Daniel Negreanu – $8,288,001

3rd) Christoph Vogelsang – $4,480,001

4th) Rick Salomon – $2,800,000

5th) Tobias Reinkemeier – $2,053,334

6th) Scott Seiver – $1,680,000

7th) Paul Newey – $1,418,667

8th) Cary Katz – $1,306,607