Colman Reacts To One Drop ESPN Coverage

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We thought the recent ‘Big One For One Drop’ coverage might open the Dan Colman not wanting to promote poker can of worms again and it seems we are right. After seeing the coverage himself he headed to Twitter to react about what the commentator Lon McEarchen and PokerStars Team Pro apparently said during the broadcast.

He claims that both labeled him as somebody that does not know who he is yet, though Negreanu was quick to claim that he does not think he said that on the show.

Negreanu was the first to react by claiming that he does not think he even said that on the broadcast, though it looks like he does believe in the consensus that people change as they get older.

Ever since he took down the One Drop and a score of $15 million, the way he did not look happy and refused to give interviews has caused quite a stir in the poker world.

He spoke of his reasoning in a thread over at 2+2 in which he expressed that he did not want to promote the game that has brought him untold wealth. This reasoning brought a mixture of response from those in the game with many applauding him and others believing that there was possibly better ways to get his message across rather than simply shun the media.

Daniel Negreanu himself blogged about this on his site Full Contact Poker where he admits that all players have the right to do as they please with regards to the media but feels that if Colman did not want to promote the game, he could have used the interviews to state what he feels.

It is great that Colman obviously has a good morale standing and is worried about what bad the game can do to those not at the top of it, but it is these bad players that have helped to take him to the very top of the game. It is the same in any sport or industry, some do well, some not so well. Not all football players make it to the Premier League and end up languishing in the lower leagues.