Could It Be A Woman? – The First Woman To Ever Win The Main Event?

Could 2012 be the year that a woman finally wins the WSOP Main Event?

Could Someone Eclipse Barbara Enrights Final Table Finish?

2012 could be that year!

Gaelle Baumann will certainly be hoping so, she is sitting pretty (excuse the pun) at the top of the leader board after Day 2a. She currently has about a 35k lead over her next challenger Shaun Deeb; we all know quickly things can change in poker though.

There has never been a woman winner of this event in the whole 43 times of asking, the closest we came was when Barbara Enright finished fifth in the 1995 Event. She is in fact the only woman to have ever made it to that illustrious final table.

17 years on from that fabulous achievement, Gaelle Baumann is attempting to go four steps further and win the thing outright. Heralding from France she is the first player in this tournament to break 500k chips, 505k to be exact.

On Thursday she will take her place in day3, knowing she leads, but so will her opponents. She will have lost that unknown quantity status by now; can she keep her run going? I for one am hoping; we could be about to witness some history in the making. Something to remember, knowing that you were watching when the first ever woman took the bracelet at the 2012 WSOP Main Event.

She Is Not Alone

Baumann is the current leading lady; however she is not the only one going into day 3. She has Vanessa Selbst and her 350,000 chips to keep her company, whilst Liv Boeree, Maria Ho and Suzie Zhao are also in contention.

Could one of them finally break the hoodoo? Well, I don’t think there are too many that wouldn’t like to see the first female winner of the WSOP Main Event. We for one would love to see Baumann or one of the others teach some of the men or thing or two.

Let’s Not Get Ahead Of Ourselves Though!

There is still far too much poker to be played, with at least another 5 whole days of playing to be contested. Another thing that is for sure is that the remaining men will not be going easy on them; everybody here wants to win, to be part of that “notorious nine” on the final table. Winning the greatest tournament in poker is what any aspiring poker player dreams about.

The tournament is just warming up though and there are going to be a lot more surprises to come, with plenty of big names still in, such as Negreanu and Brunson you know that anything can happen.

No matter how much we play their chances down, the spotlight will be burning ever so brightly on these women, especially Baumann as the Main Event continues. The dream is still alive though, and if it happens, we will be there to tell you all about it.