Current and Upcoming Top UK Poker Players

The UK has produced some of the very best poker players in the entire world. These players have found ways to make names for themselves through either their desire to win tournaments or through their stylish, unique, or interesting modes of playing. Regardless of the reason, these top UK players have managed to come onto the poker playing scene and gather attention and recognition from both fellow players and fans of the game. Most of the top players out of the UK are fairly young and looking to build a career from the players. There are others, however, that are a bit older and are just coming into their own as players. Each UK player has a unique story and is creating quite a buzz in the poker world.

Greg Howard

Greg Howard has proven to be one of the UK’s finest MTT players. He is an online pro that has been ranked as high as #4 in numerous British rankings following an incredibly successful year in 2008. In that year he managed to rake in over $1 million in various tournaments, some of them major wins. He has proven to have various strengths in his playing and it is pretty well known and he can be found in nearly every major online MTT. He goes deep in several of these and proves victorious in a number of them. He has now made it into the top 100 list in the world according to the P5 rankings and continues to inch his way up the leader board of poker playing. He is mostly an online player and does not contend too much in live tournaments.

Adam Clark

Adam Clark is another top UK player and has made a name for himself not exclusively built on his playing abilities but also because he is an older player who consistently beats his younger competition. He is an internet player that is known to be probably the oldest 9 tabler in all of the UK. Despite the modern day push of becoming a celebrity, Clark is not as well known as some other poker players as he purposely tries to stay under the radar. He has played poker for only about 8 years and found that he wanted to make more of it than just a simple hobby. He has since made enough of a name for himself without catching too much of the celebrity buzz.

Tom Betham

Lastly, Tom Betham of Kent, originally earned recognition for his online play but has recently given the live tournament UK players a run for their money. He is known as being a regular in some of the highest stakes cash games around and has really created a buzz with some of his best wins. The young player shows absolutely no desire to slow down and really enjoys his high stakes game playing, as he hasn’t played in an online tournament in over 6 months. Instead, he has enjoyed beating his contenders in live tournaments.