Daniel Negreanu’s Interview Clips (vids)

Daniel Negreanu sketch

PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu is easily one of the most recognisable faces in poker today and one of the most extrovert poker pros. Now he has recorded a number of short interviews for All in Mag that cover a variety of subjects to let his fans get a closer look into the sort of person he is both at and away from the tables.

Up until now, there are seven short interviews in total covering subjects such as love, golf, his meeting with President Obama and of course poker.

The first episode shows Daniel Negreanu’s personal mancave in which he talks to All In Mag about another game that he enjoys. Golf is one of his passions and he even has a putting green in his backyard.

Episode 2 was posted on Valentines Day and it is no wonder that the topics of conversation are love, heartbreaks and how these emotions can have a direct affect on your poker game.

Not everbody gets to meet the President of the United States but Daniel has been lucky enough to have done so and he talks about the experience of meeting President Obama.

Negreanu definitely had an amazing year in 2013. He picked up two WSOP bracelets and finished the year with many Player of the Year accolades, yet where does Negreanu rate this year in comparison to others? He tells you right here.

Daniel has always been a popular player on the television screens and he talks about how he uses his comfortableness in front of the camera to his advantage against players that aren’t quite as comfortable.

Negreanu has always been acknowledged for his unbelievable reading abilities at the tables and his ability to pick up on players tells. He talks about this among other things on the sixth episode.

In the seventh and final, until now, episode, Daniel talks about prop bets and why he is not so keen on placing them.

Negreanu is always full of big opinions and is certainly not afraid to share them. This has to be one of the reasons why he is so popular both on and off the poker circuit, that and his colourful personality anyway.