David Vamplew On The PokerStars/Full Tilt Poker Takeover

It would be fair to say that most players would have a strong opinion on the previous management of Full Tilt Poker, yet what do they think of the site being taken over by PokerStars? With the site almost ready to be re-launched early next month, PokerStars have been busy putting the structures in place to allow the many previous players to get their hands back on their money that has been locked up in the site for a year and a half.

Each player will of course have their opinions on the takeover, whether or not they feel it is a good thing for poker, what things might be like when both sites are running and how the new Full Tilt Poker will be run. One such player is Scottish poker pro David Vamplew who has recently made his opinions public on the matter.

He said “The deal is most definitely a good thing in the short term for poker, especially for the players that lost money” he added “Of course them having their money back and there being another top poker site for players to ply their trade can only be a positive, however I just hope there are no negative issues regarding the fact that online poker will essentially be a monopoly for PokerStars”

He then went on “The two sites will no doubt be the best two available which could make it more difficult for other sites to be able to compete”

“We all know that the Full Tilt brand was a strong one before so I doubt PokerStars will want to make too many changes to it, though I do expect them to be a lot more intelligent about the costs. Full Tilt beforehand had a seemingly endless budget for their marketing and sponsoring needs, whether it was players or television shows. They are sure to tone that down now, especially as they are no longer going to be directly competing with PokerStars”

‘I personally do think that the site will be massively profitable from day one of the re-launch, with most of the former players returning to their old favourite site. However, what I feel is a success could be completely different to how PokerStars feel it, considering they have to recoup quite a lot of money from the whole acquisition process and the costs that came along with that. They may even feel that the true success will border on whether or not they are able do any business in the USA in the near future”