“davin77” Reaches $1 Million Since Full Tilt Re-Launch

If there was one player that Full Tilt Poker has been good to since its re-launch back on the 6th on November, it is certainly “davin77”. He has now become the first player to win over $1 million in profit at the site in the short time it has been back up.

That is certainly not a bad accolade to have, and not a bad return for around six weeks of playing. He managed this achievement with a final push of profit over the last couple of days as he banked another $224.9k at the $200/$400 CAP Pot Limit Omaha tables.

It could be even more by now as that amount was taken during the cutoff point at midnight, during his session. That session saw him pitting his wits against “SchoitI”, “ronnyr37617”, “Poker_KaMi” and the super aggressive “1Mastermind”.

He has actually been the dominant player over the past few days with nobody else managing to get above $100k in profit. In fact the second highest profit was achieved by “Odd_Oddsen” on PokerStars as he took down a score of $79.6k whilst playing at the $50/$100 Pot Limit Omaha tables.

Because players have been staying away from the very highest stakes games on both sites, this again meant that the pots were nowhere near as large as we are used too. We would regularly see pots of $200k or more in the past, yet recently we are lucky to see a pot of more than just $50k.

It was the same over the past few days as the biggest pot recorded was just $50.8k when “eitan2134” hit a nut flush to defeat the top pair of “Gozoboro”. The biggest pot for “davin77” was a pot of $48k when he also manages to hit a flush on the river to come out on top against both “1Mastermind” and “SchoitI”.

There were no huge losers really either, with the biggest of them being both “Poker_KaMi” and “SchoitI” losing figures around $80k apiece. They were both the main reasons for “davin77” success.

The Largest Profits!

davin77 – (+$224.9k)

Odd_Oddsen – (+$79.6k)

Flufferd – (+$66.3k)

O Fortuna PLS – (+$63.1k)

We will keep you fully updated on all of the action on the high stakes tables at both PokerStars and the other big online poker site Full Tilt Poker all during the festive period. We cannot guarantee that there will be too much action, but we can guarantee that we will bring you all of the action that occurs, so make sure you keep coming back to check for updates.