“Davin77” Scores $355k Whilst Blom’s Upswing Comes To An End

There was the usual high stakes action going on at PokerStars and Full Tilt over the past couple of days, with many of the world’s biggest online poker players again playing for huge amounts of money. The biggest winner over that period of time was “Davin77” who took down a total of $334.8k whilst plying his trade on the $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha tables over at Full Tilt.

Those very same tables also brought us some other big winners, with “pyschobenny” taking down $184k and Blom initially winning $161k. However, with regards to the latter, his form was not going to last too long.

He did carry it on for a little while though after winning a further $124k at the $2k/$4k Fixed limit Omaha tables against the likes of “MUSTAFABET” and “howisitfeellike”. That was as far as things went for Blom though as his fortunes were about to turn for the worse.

He decided to have a session at the $1.5k/$3k Triple Draw tables and ran into “PostFlopAction”, they player for a considerable amount of time, with Blom never being quite able to get ahead of his opponent. He was behind the entire time yet was able to keep within reach for most of the time they played, yet eventually his opponent went on a big winning run to take $266k from Blom.

It didn’t stop there either as he then went on to lose another $136k against “mastrblastr” and yet another six figure amount of $100k to “patpatman”. This meant that he had now gone from a profit of $400k, to a loss of $143.9k in a fairly short time span.

Over at PokerStars there were some other big winners, with “ZGSinishtaj” banking a massive $296.2k, with the majority of it coming from “Stella948” whilst playing at the $50/$100 Pot Limit Omaha tables. This session actually produced one of the biggest pots seen at the tables when “Stella948” tried to bluff on the river whilst his opponent had already made the full house to win a pot of $88k.

The Biggest Profit Makers!

davin77 – (+$334.8k)

GSinishtaj – (+$296.2k)

PostFlopAction – (+$256.2k)

pyschobenny – (+$184k)

It seems that Viktor “Isildur1” Blom’s recent upswing has now come to an end, yet he only dropped a small amount in comparison to what he has been earning lately. It would not surprise us at all to see him rack up another massive profit tomorrow to put himself right back on track for the year.

We will be here to let you know whether he or any other player manages to take down sizeable profits, as we regularly follow the highstakes action on both Full Tilt and PokerStars.