“DaWarsaw”’s Alternative Route To The PCA


You would think that travelling the world each year to play in major poker tournaments is  a fairly easy deal, with you literally just making your plans to get from one location to the other as quickly as possible. However, Grzegorz “DaWarsaw” Mikielewicz explained in his latest blog post for PokerStarsBlog that he took a highly beneficial alternative plan of action for going to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure last month.

He would usually make his travelling as quick and direct as possible and initially planned to do the same for his latest visit to the PCA’s. After thinking about it though, a trip that would take him halfway across the world in one go would make him incredibly jet lagged for the tournaments.

This came to him thinking about taking it the slow route and stopping off to visit friends in Miami few days, taking in a trip to watch his two favourite NBA teams play each other along the way.

“That’s how my plan looked. New Year’s celebration, then Heat-Warriors and couple more days in Miami before leaving for the PCA. Seemed worthy of half-world trip. But as I travelled a lot in my 10-year poker career, I now really like to make my trip comfortable without getting up in the middle of the night or 8-hour stops at the airport.”

His planning took another turn of fortune after he realised that he would also be able to take in another game before he even reached Miami.

“Now, since I knew that I was flying through Los Angeles, I checked the NBA schedule again. And boom, the Clippers were playing the Suns on the day of my arrival! And on the next day I would be leaving to Miami to get there just in time before New Year’s party.”

His plans really fell into place making what would normally just be a quick trip to a poker tournament so much more productive, entertaining and having far less of an impact on his preparations for the big events.

“I was really happy with my planning, and it also got me thinking. I think this is why I love have poker as a job. Ten years ago, before I started playing poker professionally, you could count all my flights using one hand fingers.”

You can see the full blog post along with a couple of more photos over at PokerStarsBlog. It really does go to show that a bit of planning can make such a difference with anything that we do.