WPT Grand Prix de Paris: Day 1a In The Books

The first flight of Day 1 of the World Poker Tour Grand Prix de Paris was up and running on Monday, where the first 96 players of the event turned up. By the time seven levels had been completed at the €7,500 buy-in event we had Jacques Enjoubault as the chip leader with 225,200 chips.

That puts him around 100k ahead of his closest rival so far as he waits until Day 1b is finished before returning to the felt on Day 2.

Enjoubault has only managed to achieve $8,390 poker earnings in his career so far, meaning that if he were to make a good score here he would easily eclipse that. Probably his biggest pot of the day was when he was involved in a three way hand with Mikael Layani and Tony G, after they had all seen a flop that contained Qd-8h-10h.

Tony G went in first for 5k chips; Layani then went all-in for 29,100 of which Enjoubault made an instant call. Tony G decided to leave it between those two and folded, allowing for the cards to be shown.

Layani held Qc-8c which gave him two pair whilst Enjoubault had the 9h-7h which gave him an open ended straight draw, a flush draw and even a gutshot straight flush draw. The turn card came out as a 6d which had given Enjoubault the straight whilst the As on the river didn’t improve either hand.

That was the hand that put Enjoubault over 200k in chips for the first time in the tournament.

Who Else Did We Lose?

Vanessa Selbst continued her bad run of late by being eliminated, whilst we also lost other notables such as Will Failla, Roberto Romanello and Samuel Chartier. In regards to the elimination of Failla, he was unlucky to run into Jason Merciers Quad seven’s whilst holding a three of a kind himself.

Players To Progress!

We already know about Enjoubault and Mercier getting through but they were also joined by names such as Antony Lellouche, Justin Bonomo, Tristan Wade, and Matt Waxman who is a previous winner of this event and Marvin Rettenmeier.

With regards to the players that have been eliminated on Day 1a, they do have the option to re-buy into Day 1b of the tournament if they so wish. We expect many of them to do so, so we should expect a much larger field on the second flight of this event.

The action has already been high octane stuff so far, and with plenty more action still to go you will want to be kept in the know on exactly what is going down in this event, which is exactly why we are here.