Day 2 Of The 2012 PokerStars EPT Main Event In Barcelona Has John Juanda Leading

The action is certainly starting to heat up in this event now as we have been whittled down from the original 1,082 runners to just 207. The 2012 PokerStars European Poker Tour in Barcelona has broken all attendance figures for the event to have it now regarded as the biggest poker tournament in Spain.

The chip leader after Day 2 is John Juanda who is closing in on a million chips with 732,400. Where there are winners in poker there are also losers, those that didn’t fair nearly as well as Juanda included 2011 WSOP Main Event winner Pius Heinz who was eliminated in the 12th level.

Another big name who faltered on Day 2 was a previous winner of this event back in 2007, Kent Lundmark who ran into Saab Rachad’s pocket aces with pocket nines. Some of the other notables to leave the tournament were Jason Mercier, Andy Frankenberger, Jude Ainsworth, Kyle Julius, Gus Hansen, Rino Mathis and last year’s champion Martin Schleich.

Daniel Negreanu Leads The Way For Team PokerStars

Daniel Negreanu has had a pretty subdued tournament for the most part but came alive right near the end of the day. In one hand in particular Frederic Bussot-Fuentes pushed all-in from an early position to a total of 47,600, Marco Sposito then also called for everything that he had which was just 16,000.

Negreanu pondered for a little while before making the call, he was holding the Ad,Kc, whilst Bussot-Fuentes had pocket sevens and Sposito the Ah,Qs.

The flop came out as Jh,4c,Ac which put Negreanu straight in front with top pair top kicker, the 5s helped nobody at all on the turn and neither did the 8h on the river. Negreanu not only won the pot, he also knocked both players out. By the end of the day he was just outside the top 10 on the leader board with 248,600.

Other notable players that have advanced to Day 3 and ever closer to the pay positions include Ilari Sahamies, both of the Bachar brothers and Ronnie Bardah. Additionally, Negreanu was not the only PokerStars Pro in with a chance, Barry Greenstein, Henri Pinho, Matthias De Meulder and Juan Manuel Pastor are all pushing for those paying positions.

The Leader Board Before Day 3

John Juanda 732,400

Ilari Sahamies 523,500

Samuel Rodriquez 455,800

Guy Bachar 448,000

Marcos Fernandez 403,400

Lucille Cailly 360,700

Jonathan Karamalikis 317,600

Alejandro Perez Torres 302,900


That just leaves us with Day 3 to look forward to, which you can be sure we will be there to inform you of just what is happening.