Day 4 Of The PokerStars EPT Barcelona Main Event Sees Rodriguez Leading

Thursday saw the fourth days action in the PokerStars European Poker Tour Main Event from Barcelona, with the field now being narrowed down to just the last 24 players. When the day began we had a field of 61 players all of whom had ambitions of getting to that illustrious final table.

Samuel Rodriguez finished up as the events chip leader with an astounding 5,330.000 in chips, a massive 2 million plus ahead of his closest rival.

As expected the day began with eliminations coming thick and fast, the first being the PokerStars Team pro member Matthias de Meulder. He was short stacked when he put himself all in with an AQ and came up against the pocket threes of Felix Kretchmann.

He would have felt encouraged when the flop gave him a gut shot straight draw, as it came down 6,K,10 however the K and 8 on the turn and river respectively did nothing for his hand and he was out of the tournament. He was actually the only Team PokerStars Pro left at that time, meaning he at least out did the rest of them, though I doubt that will much of a consolation.

Other notable players to head out of the tournament were Yuri Gulyy, Zimnan Ziyard, Konstantin Puchkov and Kevin Weiland.

The Two Million Mark Broken

Somewhere in the middle of the 21st level we had the first player to crash through the 2 million in chips mark. The player to achieve this was Jonathan Karamalikis during a hand in which another player opened with a 25k bet, Karamalikis then three bet it to another 65k and Kretchmann then increased the bet further to 150k.

The original better realized he was in over his head and folded but Karamalikis raised the pot with another 275k which was this time called. The flop showed as Qs, 6h, 9s, which Karamalikis followed with another bet of 340k, of which his opponent didn’t take long to call to be all-in.

It was a perfect scenario for Karamalikis as he had pocket Kings whilst his opponent had AQ. The final two cards showed as 6d,5d and he took down the huge pot and doubled up to around 2.65 million in chips.

Of the players till left in the tournament, we have the super aggressive Ilari Sahamies, John Juanda and Antonin Duda. Here is the end of day chip counts for the top ten chip leaders.

Samuel Rodriguez 5,330,000

Jonathan Karamalikis 3,085,000

Mikalai Pobal 2,745,000

Antonin Duda 2,054,000

Anton Sinel 1,974,000

John Juanda 1,644,000

Ole Schemion 1,571,000

Lucille Cailly 1,431,000

Elias Gutierrez Hernandez 1,290,000

Javier Piazuelo 1,256,000