Deals reached in both major Sunday tournaments


Even on regular weekends, the Sunday Million has thousands of players who buy in for a chance to win a share of the guaranteed prize pool of $1 million. This edition was special due to the fact that PokerStars announced that the guaranteed prizes will be boosted to $5 million and when late registration ended, a total of 26,925 players bought in.

Not unusual, the prize pool was exceeded once again even though by just $385,000, which translated into a massive payout of $484,000 awarded to the winner. Nine players made the final table and Israel’s FLasHBa3k had the most chips, with sincinaty118 from Ireland coming in second. The two players had more chips in front of them that the rest of the field combined and not surprising, they finished the event in the first two places.

With a lot of money on the table, the remaining five players agreed on a deal that guaranteed $229,000 to all players, except the leading sincinaty118 who got $329,000. The winner was to receive an additional $100,000 and the Irish player emerged victorious despite losing eleven pots in a row and heads-up.

This is the list of nine players who made the final table and their placement at the end of the Sunday Million:

  1. sincinaty118 – $421,971
  2. FLasHBa3k – $261,359
  3. dadoferal – $230,028
  4. bdklizm – $229,450
  5. elastobert – $240,595
  6. Alfons777999 – $80,775
  7. Mr.Hazard70 – $53,850
  8. socke2506 – $40,387
  9. zet1981 -  $26,925

The $215 Sunday Warm-Up had boosted payouts as well and the players who made the final table were inclined to discuss the deal. The opportunity presented itself when only three were left in the race and with a commanding stack in front, Thailand’s KingOfThe$ea got to dictate the terms. He was guaranteed $165,000 and shifted into an aggressive gear, causing the elimination of Shiko21 from Israel.

He fell short of defeating Netherlands’s nowayyaright at heads-up, but he still won more than the Dutch player who scooped an amount of almost $147,000.

Check out the complete final table payouts structure below:

  1. nowayyaright, Netherlands, $146,922
  2. KingOfThe$ea, Thailand, $165,000
  3. Shiko21, Israel, $129,996
  4. hav0cLOL, New Zealand, $70,532
  5. nirnes, Israel, $53,860
  6. jus2awsum, Canada, $41,036
  7. ju3lz3, Canada, $28,212
  8. nitanasita, Slovenia, $15,388
  9. pain-bg, Bulgaria, $9,938