PokerStars Battle Of The Planets – “Philych_085” Wins

For those of you that are unaware of the PokerStars Battle of The Planets monthly tournament, it works on a Triple Shootout format. It is played at the end of each month, with the winner on this occasion being “Philych_085”, who now becomes the twelfth and final player to win the event in 2012.

Monthly Winners!

beyessa – (Jan) $12,000.00

ariejan1988 – (Feb) $3,995.56

Jackal69 – (Mar) $11,000.00

Ansgar2000 – (Apr) $5,300.00

danhp134 – (May) $10,000.00

Koovoon – (Jun) $4,081.44

BrynKenney – (Jul) $12,000.00

TheGreatRus – (Aug) $12,000.00

5pathic – (Sep) $12,000.00

Hanggy – (Oct) $11,000.00

marky_crash – (Nov) $6,802.37

Philych_085 – (Dec) $12,000.00

This free roll has a cap of 500 players only, with this particular field including four players who had already won the event this year in “Jackal69”, “BrynKenney”, “ansgar2000” and “Hanggy”. None of them were able to become the first ever double champion though, with the best of them being the first two who managed to win their first tables.

We eventually found ourselves down to the final nine players on the final table, with all of the chips again being reset one final time. Once there, these are the players that would battle it out for the title:

Final Table!

Jackal69 – 1500

Philych_085 – 1500

Vali005 – 1500

ShaiC`akes – 1500

Proudflop – 1500

LeSmit – 1500

petros19890 – 1500

nkostas12 – 1500

Allingomes – 1500

The first player to go was “ShaiC’akes” who fell at the hands of the eventual winner “Philych_085” with his Ks-Qc not able to beat the Ac-Qd of his opponent. That elimination opened the flood gates as we quickly lost the short stack “nkostas12” and “LeSmit” in consecutive hands to leave just six remaining.

“Jackal69” then showed “Proudflop” the door in a coinflip where his pocket fives outlasted his opponent’s As-Jd. We next saw make a brave call holding the 8c-6h which managed to out flop the pocket fours of “Jackal69” to send him spinning out in 5th.

The play lasted just three hands four handed as “Philych_085” sent another opponent heading for the rail in 4th place, his victim this time being “allingomes” He was very lucky in fact as his opponent flopped a two pair only to see a runner runner straight peel off to send him out of the tournament.

We didn’t have to wait too long for heads up either as the very next hand saw “Philych_085” then send another opponent out of the event in “Vali005”. That left us heads up with the victor of that hand and “Petros19890”.

To keep up with the pace of the whole event, it took just eight hands for “Philych_085” to see off his opponent, with the chips getting into the middle on a flop of 8d-7d-6s. “Philych_085” again got extremely lucky, this time he was holding bottom pair with the Kd-6h whilst his opponent had the top pair with the Jc-8h, however a runner runner flush of Jd and 5d gave him the victory and title.

How it Finished!

Philych_085 – $12,000.00

petros19890 – $7,500.00

Vali005 – $4,500.00

allingomes – $3,350.00

Jackal69 – $2,735.00

Proudflop – $2,200.00

LeSmit – $1,700.00

nkostas12 – $1,200.00

ShaiC`akes – $775.00