Deep Freeze Festival Kicks Off At The Vic

So right now, you may have already had enough of Christmas, with there only so much turkey you can eat, so many times that you can watch the same movies you do every year and so much you can put up with some of the in-laws. This is why the Vic is offering poker players an excuse to leave for a few days of poker action.

The Deep Freeze Festival starts today the 27th of December and runs right until the 30th, with a total of four events being played in that time. The buy-ins are on the lower scale too, so if you are a little worried about how much you have already spent this Christmas you know that it will not cost you too much at a chance of winning a large amount.

The first of these events will be a £300 NLHE event that will allow re-entries which starts today, with a guaranteed prize pool of £15,000 if the number of players that register exceeds 35. There will then be a new event everyday up until Sunday.

Friday will see a £100 + £12 Pot Limit Omaha event that will also be offering players re-buys for £50 and even a double add-on at the end of the re-buy period. Then on Saturday there is going to be a £150+£15 No Limit Holdem event with just one re-entry per player allowed. Sunday then sees the Deep Freeze, with this event being a bounty affair, meaning that anybody who eliminates you gets a £25 bounty. The buy-in is a £100 + £12 + £25. Each of these events will be kicking off at 7.45pm on their respective days and will until completion.

If you prefer live cash games, there will also be plenty of those of offer too, with tables being offered completely around the clock.

The Vic is one of the most popular card rooms in London, with it being located in the luxurious Edgware Road area. It offers poker all year round, with it also hosting many other big tournaments throughout the year.

They have got off the mark quickly after Christmas though, with them wanting to offer players that first chance at a tournament win and a chance to get out of the house at the very least. So if you are near to the area today, why not pop down and give yourself some much needed poker action.

As soon as we know who the winners are, we will bring you a report if you are more interested in following the game rather than playing it.