Demidov Spending Quality Time With Family

Ivan Demidov

With all their focus on the game, some poker players can forget that there is more to life than chips and cards. The grind on the tournament trail can be extremely difficult, both from a playing perspective and from the time spent away from family and friends. In a recent post, professional player Ivan Demidov explains that his absence from the tables in the past month was due to his decision to add some more quality family time into his schedule.

Demidov, who is most famous for his runner up finish at the 2008 World Series of Poker, packed up the family and headed to France. Even though the EPT Deauville stop was happening in the same country, the trio of Demidov, his wife and Grisha, their four-year-old son, found the French Alps to be a bigger draw. In addition to the immediate family, several friends also made the trip, creating a great group atmosphere.

The Demidov family had made a similar trip in 2013, but the big difference this time around is that this year would be the first that little Grisha would be able to hit the slopes. The younger Demidov proved to be a quick learner and by the end of the trip was going down the same trails as mother and father, although obviously at a much slower speed. The vacation time reminded Demidov of his own childhood when he would spend countless hours enjoying the outdoors.

Coming back to the poker world after the break was bittersweet for Demidov. Although he was happy to be back in the mix, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has become an ongoing concern of his. Friends with several Ukranian and Russian poker players, Demidov is following the updates and wonders how this international drama will play out. For now, Demidov is planning on spending more time with his family before he returns to the heavy grind of online poker and the tournament trail.

The protests in Kiev were not far from one of the biggest poker clubs in the country. On one particularly violent day, a major tournament was taking place and the dangerous situation led organizers to cancel the event and make sure that all the players were able to escape without harm. At a time when the political situation is capable of threatening even a poker tournament, Demidov is thankful for his success at the tables and his ability to escape from the grind to spend time with his family.