“dhilton12” Tops 2012 PokerStars Tournament Leaderboard

David “dhilton12” Hilton is what you would class as a relentless, hardworking and immensely successful online tournament player, who has scored more tournament points than any other player in the world during 2012 on PokerStars to finish at the top of the pile for a free $50k in tournament entries.

It really is an incredible achievement when you consider just how much poker he must play to see himself right at the top of that leader board, although he was only 3k points ahead of “uaredead lol” in second place.

It is not just about how many tournaments you play either, it is about how successful you are at them too. Points are also awarded dependent on the stakes that you risk in each tournament; whilst the higher you finish will obviously reward you more.

Hilton is a former winner of the PokerStars Super Tuesday and has even played a fair amount of live tournaments throughout the year too, with his best result being runner up in the APPT Cebu. His screen name on the site is “dhilton12” and he has managed to enter and finish in points scoring tournaments enough to gain a total of 60,388 Tournament Leader Board points.

His reward for such an achievement? PokerStars have given him $50k to use for any purpose online, or to purchase buy-ins for any of the major PokerStars backed live poker events.

He was not the only player to be rewarded either as the top ten each received a payout that they can use in the same way that “dhilton12” can. What’s more, the New Year is underway and the race has already started, though the prizes are yet to be announced on what players will receive for being in the top ten come the end of 2013.

The PokerStars Tournament Leaderboard Top Ten For 2012!

dhilton12 – $50,000 – (PokerStars Pass)

uaredead lol – $40,000 – (PokerStars Pass)

bob43155- $30,000 – (PokerStars Pass)

UhhMee- $25,000 – (PokerStars Pass)

dean23price – $20,000 – (PokerStars Pass)

rh300487- $12,000 – (PokerStars Pass)

UncaJ5 – $12,500 – (PokerStars Pass)

YugiohPro – $10,000 – (PokerStars Pass)

woody1234321 – $7,500 – (PokerStars Pass)

Rounder63 -$5,000 – (PokerStars Pass)

With the race already underway, will “dhilton12” be willing to put in another year of hard grafting or will he step back and take in a few more live events with his free money? Well we will keep you updated throughout the year on which players are making waves on the PokerStars tournament scene, so pop back every now and then to stay in the loop.