Did You Opt For Katchalov On Your Last Longer Bet?

You might remember reading a story we published about PokerStars running a little competition alongside the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure this year with regards to which Team Pro will make it the furthest. Well, that competition is now over as Eugene Katchalov is the only player left in the event.

At the start of Day 3, there were in fact two of them, however Fatima Moreira de Melo perished during the action whilst Katchalov is still in the hunt for the first big title of the year.

PokerStars offered anyone who deposited just before the start of the Main Event the ability to choose from 15 of their Team Pros, with the promise of matching their deposit up to as much as $100 if they got the selection correct.

So if you did indeed pick Eugene Katchalov, who is actually one of our “Players To Watch” in 2013, you should already have that bonus cash in your PokerStars account as we speak. If you just missed out, you know that PokerStars will always be running extra competitions and deposit bonuses for you to make use of, so better luck next time.

Moreira de Melo in fact just about squeezed into a minimum paying position just before she was eliminated, so at least got her buy-in back and a little more on top. She was eventually knocked out from the event by the current leader Patrick Kelly. She decided to push her short stack into the middle when holding the Ks-8s and was insta-called by Kelly who had the pocket queens. To make matters worse for the Team Pro, he flopped another queen to send her home right there and then.

Now all there is to do is to hope that Katchalov can catch up to the winners and actually win the thing, though winning was not a stipulation on getting your free money so do not worry!


The 15 Choices!

o Randy Lew – Gone On Day 1

o Jason Mercier – Gone on Day 1

o Vanessa Selbst – Gone On Day 1

o Mickey Petersen – Gone On Day 1

o Bertrand Grosspellier – Gone On Day 1

o Jonathan Duhamel – Gone On Day 1

o Jan Heitman – Gone On Day 1

o Ike Haxton – Gone On Day 1

o Daniel Negreanu – Gone On Day 2

o Nacho Barbero – Gone On Day 2

o Liv Boeree – Gone On Day 2

o Andre Akkari – Gone On Day 2

o Ivan Demidov – Gone on Day 2

o Eugene Katchalov – Still Smiling!