Differences With Strategies & Buy-Ins

stacks of chips

PokerStars Team Pro Celina Lin has returned to PokerStarsBlog to post up her latest blog, this time concentrating on the differences in strategies found between High Roller and standard tournaments.

“I’ve been thinking a lot recently about differences between standard side events with lower buy-ins and “high roller” events, in particular how players often have trouble transitioning from one to the other. This difficulty highlights some interesting ideas about how money affects people when they play poker.”

She does not solely concentrate on the issues that some players may have when moving up to High Roller stakes but also explains that some players have difficulties when going the other way by dropping down from High Rollers to play in lower buy-in events.

For players that move up to High Rollers for the first time, they can become ‘money scared’ which will restrict them from making the same sort of plays that they would with so much less at risk. On the other hand many of their opponents in these High Rollers will know who is money scared and target them.

For those that move down to play smaller buy-ins she uses the experience of one of her friends as an example. He entered the Beijing Millions event with her and failed to get past any of the Day 1’s that he entered whilst she did it successfully on two occasions.

She explains that he is a conservative player and could not get to grips with how loose players generally are in low buy-in events.

“Meanwhile he’s noticed how in smaller buy-in events players are much more loose with their play, primarily because they aren’t as worried about the buy-ins. They aren’t focused on the bubble bursting or moving up in the payouts. The mentality is very different. In those Day 1 flights at the Beijing Millions he was struggling a little bit to adjust to the different approach those players took when compared to the tighter way players tend to play in the high rollers.”

The whole blog is well worth a read as it shows that the size of the buy-in can have a really big impact on the way that a player plays. A money scared player will inevitably tighten up and fold to bets whilst the opposite will become very loose simply because they do not have that fear of losing their money.