DOJ Seeks Help And PokerStars Sign Up Canadian Comedian

The U.S Department Of Justice has just very recently announced that they will be looking for assistance involving the case of redistributing the monies owed to the former US based players from Full Tilt Poker.

They will be looking for what is known as a claims administration firm to help process the compensation claims of around 1.3 million players for a grand total of around $159 million dollars. There is said to be about 20 different firms all keen to show their interest, with the DOJ having to choose just one to take on the role they require.

Players will then have to file their claims to this third party firm, rather than to the DOJ directly. It is still unknown as to how long this hiring process will take, as there has been no official word from the Department of Justice on that issue, though they have asked that all applications for the job are sent in before the end of August.

It is also known that the DOJ has asked for specific proposals from any firms that it has also worked with before, which is where the estimated figure of around 20 bids being expected has come from.

PokerStars Sign Gerry Dee

PokerStars have yet again increased their celebrity endorsement by signing Canada’s top comic actor Gerry Dee, which is further enhancing their current trend of nation-centric marketing.

The actor, who is more widely known as “Mr.D” from his very own sitcom on CBC, is a very popular standup comic in his homeland. The character “Mr.D” is a very under qualified teacher called Gerry Duncan, who seems to just about wing it through his job.

Dee is also a good friend of fellow Canadian Daniel Negreanu which is also thought to have played some part in this deal, along with the fact that PokerStars will now be the main sponsor behind Dee’s “Gerry Dee Comedy Tour”.

Negreanu also recently made a guest appearance on Dee’s comedy show, in which he shamelessly plugged the PokerStars name. This kind of advertising where sites use their sponsored pros as a kind of product placement has formed a massive form of marketing for poker sites over the years, with PokerStars leading the way.

Just a few weeks ago PokerStars also signed tennis sensation Rafael Nadal, which just goes to show that they are really trying to have endorsements in every form of entertainment from sports to mainstream television.

Dee will also be making a number of appearances at some of the sites tournaments, such as the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure where he is expected to not only perform but to take part in the tournament too.