Dominik Panka crowned EPT Deauville High Roller Champion

Panka in EPT Deauville

Albert Daher started the final table as chip leader at the EPT Deauville High Roller, with twice as many chips in front of him as Dominik Panka, but in the end it was the talented player from Poland that prevailed.

He recently won the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event and a corresponding payout of $1.4 million, now adding another €272k to what can safely be described as the best year start in his short but promising career.


Panka caused the first elimination of the day by sending Adrian Mateos Diaz home in the 8th place, after the short stacker ran his A-3 of hearts into Dominik’s A-K. Chip leader Albert Daher consolidated his advantage at the top by sending Nikolay Losev to the rail minutes after Diaz left the final table, but lost several smaller pots to Davidi Kitai. Sadly, all these gains went down the drain when he bluffed Panka who casually called his all-in with pocket aces and came within striking distance of the chip leader.

Martin Schleich missed out on his chance of winning the second EPT event when he went all in against Daher, reinstating him as leader. By the time four-handed play began, it was fairly clear that Panka and Daher will be fighting for the trophy as they had considerably more chips than their peers. Ondrej Vinklarek was forced to make a move with an average hand against Albert who took a leap of faith with A-2 and improved his mediocre hand to three of a kind.

It looked like Dominik Panka would be fighting an uphill battle during the heads-up, but he caught another lucky break by doubling up at the expense of Lundmark. The two remaining players were evenly matched, but after a string of inconsequential victories in the beginning of heads-up play, Panka won two big pots. This left his opponent reeling and he never recovered, with the last pot being won by Dominik on the river.

This is the final table structure featuring the top 8 players at the EPT Deauville High Roller event:

  1. Dominik Panka – €272,000
  2. Albert Daher – €189,000
  3. Kent Lundmark – €122,000
  4. Ondrej Vinklarek – €101,000
  5. Martin Schleich – €81,500
  6. Davidi Kitai – €64,200
  7. Nikolay Losev – €49,100
  8. Adrian Mateos Diaz – €37,000