Dutch Boyd Feeling The Christmas Pinch – Sells Bracelet

It just goes to show that not everyone can win all of the time as a professional poker player, as Dutch Boyd is hoping that some poker fans might help him out by purchasing one of his treasured poker bracelets that he won at the Bellagio in a $2,500 event at the 2008 Five Diamond World Poker Classic. By winning that event he not only won a bracelet but also a payout of $162,605, which just shows how quickly things can change in poker.

He has put the bracelet up on eBay in the hope that someone will buy it to give him so extra Christmas cash, with him claiming that the bracelet has a meltdown value of $2,644 but was only offered a total of $1,500 buy a buyer of gold.

He is hoping that whoever does buy it doesn’t buy it to melt it down though and hopes someone will wear it instead. The highest bid so far has been $2,305 after a total of 22 bids, though that is still not enough to reach the reserve.

Boyd has actually sold a few items of Poker memorabilia on eBay before, with him selling a $25 WSOP tournament poker chip and a couple of $500 Wynn casino chips.

Others To Have Sold Bracelets!

Boyd is not the first player to have gone down the route of selling poker bracelets on eBay, with there being some other high profile sales over the years. A couple of years back 1991 WSOP Main Event winner Brad Daugherty actually put his winners bracelet up for auction on the same site yet the highest bid of $30,100 was not enough to beat the reserve.

Also, in 2010 a 1999 WSOP bracelet that was won for a Razz event which was won by Paul “Eskimo” Clark was sold for just $4,050, though it was not actually sold by Clark himself. In the same year another WSOP bracelet was sold, though this time it was sold by a pawn shop in Texas who put it on eBay. It went for $4,006 with the buyer eventually being an online poker site who eventually gave the bracelet back to its owner.

Probably the most famous one of all was the WSOP Main Event bracelet that Peter Eastgate won in 2008; he sold it off on eBay after announcing his retirement from the game and donated the entire $147,500 he got for it to UNICEF.

We wonder if Boyd’s reserve will in fact get met, though it does seem like such a shame when players are forced to sell off such memorable trophies which are souvenirs from the highlights of their poker careers.