Dwan’s Full Tilt Poker Regrets

Tom Dwan has recently came out and said that although he has strong issues with his former sponsor Full Tilt he does however admit that his opinions on Howard Lederer have changed recently. He spoke out during a break at the €50k High Roller event at the World Series Of Poker Europe in Cannes.

He claims that he met up with Lederer whilst in Vegas during the summer and admits he was very surprised at just how honest the former Full Tilt poker board member was. He states that before that meeting he had been extremely unhappy with the man, even having him down as a complete and utter scumbag as he hadn’t spoken to him in over a year.

Interview Was The Right Move!

Dwan thinks that the big exclusive interview Lederer had with Pokernews was the right thing to do, with everything that Lederer said in that interview matching up with what he was told when he met Lederer a few months ago.

Dwan feels that although Lederer definitely made some big mistakes and has to shoulder a lot of the blame for what happened it did seem that he tried to do the right thing. “He found himself in some really difficult spots and I like many had already come to our own quick conclusions about most of it. However, many of the things that I originally thought he did with malicious intent or completely wrong did end up to be misjudgments on my part” he said.

He goes on to say that this doesn’t mean he thinks that Lederer did things correctly; just that he thinks Lederer truly believe what he was doing was the right things to be doing. Dwan also admits that even he himself could have done a lot more to help prevent everything that happened.

He says”Everything that happened with Full Tilt still gets me down. Howard of course deserves a lot of blames as do the rest of the board members but even I should take some of it” he said “looking back at it all, I could have helped to figure everything out if my brain had put one and two together and discovered what was going on”

Hansen The Right Choice As New Full Tilt Ambassador!

Dwan then goes on to say that PokerStars made the right choice by putting Gus Hansen in as their first Full Tilt Poker ambassador claiming that although Hansen was sponsored by them before, he handled the whole situation very well and was one of the few that came out of the other end untarnished. “It makes good sense for them to sign Gus Hansen”