Elder Takes Down The First Aussie Millions Title

The Aussie Millions has been running since the 17th of this month, with the event being played out the AU $1,100 NLHE. It was a massive event which had three flights for Day 1, whilst it also allowed re-buys into following days if players were eliminated which meant we had a total of 1,338 registrations although only 708 of them were actually unique players.

This gave us a huge prize pool which totaled AU $1,338,000 which also guaranteed that the player who finished in first place would take home $250k of it.

Yesterday saw the culmination of the four day event with the final table being played out. The leader at the start of that final table was Rupert Elder who actually went on to win the title outright. He already had a substantial lead at this point with 3,412,000 which was almost double that of the player in second place Ashley Warner with 1,884,000.

The Final Table!

Rupert Elder – 3,412,000

Ashley Warner – 1,884,000

Brendon Rubie – 1,524,000

Martin Finger – 1,450,000

Phillip Libeau – 1,408,000

Dusan Stoevski – 916,000

Marwan Nassif – 849,000

Ted Nguyen – 681,000

Nali Kaselias – 668,000

Fabian Craib – 616,000

That final table actually included last year’s winner Brendan Rubie who was looking to become the first player to win an Aussie Millions event back to back.

It wasn’t to be for Rubie though as he eventually fell in 5th place after being eliminated by the quad sixes of Elder. The next player to go after him was Dusan Stoevski, who was again eliminated by Elder after both players had the top pair, yet Elder had the better kicker.

This left us with just three players to battle it out for the title, with Elder of course holding a massive chip lead by now. That lead was also going to be extended after he sent home Fabian Craib in third place, with Elder’s pocket tens proving too strong for the pocket sixes of his opponent.

This left us heads up between Elder and Martin Finger, with the former having more than three times the chips of his opponent. That ensured that this contest was not too last all that long, with all of the chips going into the middle on a flop of Qs-Jh-2c. Finger was actually ahead at this point with the Qd-7h but Elder had an open ended straight draw with the Kd- 10s.

He hit an ace on the river to claim the first title of this year’s Aussie Millions and take home AU $250,000 in the process.

How It Finished!

Rupert Elder – $250,000

Martin Finger – $160,000

Fabian Craib – $120,000

Dusan Stoevski – $96,000

Brendon Rubie – $81,000

Ted Nguyen – $66,000

Marwin Nassif – $52,000

Phillip Libeau – $38,000

Ashley Warner – $25,000

Nali Kaselias – $13,500