EPT Barcelona – Lattau and Soika Take Titles

two gold medals

It’s been a great couple of weeks at the Season 11 opener of the European Poker Tour in Barcelona, with records being broken left, right and centre and many big winners emerging. Yesterday was the last day of the stop in Barcelona and it brought the two biggest winners thus far.

The Main Event and High Roller both played out last night and we have the information on who took down each of them.

EPT Barcelona Main Event Day 6 – Lettau Wins 100th EPT Main Event

The record breaking 100th European Poker Tour Main Event of all time was completed last night and the player that claimed the honour of winning such a landmark event was the German player Andre Lettau.

He took home €794,058 after first coming through the huge original field of 1,496 before making the final table and then defeating Samuel Phillips heads up after the final three had agreed to chop the remaining prize pool.

It was this chop that meant despite winning the event, the runner up Phillips actually took home the largest score of €1,021,275. This was because Phillips had an overwhelming chip lead at that point so was able to lock up the biggest payout leaving just €90,000 and the title to play for.

The final hand came as Phillips shoved when holding the 8d-7d and Lettau called with the Kc-10s. The board fell as the Kd-5s-2h-9h-Kh and we had the first Main Event winner for Season 11 of the EPT.

How It Finished

1st) Andre Lettau – €794,058 (d)

2nd) Samuel Phillips – €1,021,275 (d)

3rd) Hossein Ensan – €652,667 (d)

4th) Andrea Dato – €362,000

5th) Andrey Shatilov – €286,000

6th) Kiryl Radzivonau – €224,500

7th) Ji Zhang – €171,600

8th) Slaven Popov – €121,300

EPT Barcelona High Roller Day 3 – Soika Claims Title

The European Poker Tour High Roller over in Barcelona was also completed last night after Ihar Soika managed to overcome PokerStars Team Pro Jason Mercier heads up to claim the first place payout of €747,200.

The day began with 21 players of the 393 original entries remaining and after a long session at the felt many names fell until we had a winner.

The final hand came when Mercier pushed all-in with the 6c-6h and was called by Soika who was holding the As-9d. The flop came down as the Ac-10h-3d-5d-2d and we had our winner. Mercier took home €473,500 for his runner up finish and will be content enough with that for sure.


How It Finished

1st) Ihar Soika – €747,200

2nd) Jason Mercier – €473,500

3rd) Ismail Erkenov – €342,400

4th) Ami Barer – €276,900

5th) Benjamin Pollak – €219,000

6th) Marc-Andre Ladouceur – €168,600

7th) Stephen Chidwick – €125,600

8th) Carlos Chadha – €90,900