EPT Barcelona Main Event Final Table (vid)

EPT by PokerStars

If you follow poker closely, you may have seen that there was a certain record breaking European Poker Tour over in Barcelona for the previous couple of weeks. There was a flurry of events that broke many records for the EPT and none more spectacularly than the EPT Main Event in Barcelona.

It shattered attendance records when 1,496 players registered, making it the largest field ever seen for an EPT Main Event on European shores. The only EPT Main Event to have beaten those figures was at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure which as you know is not actually in Europe.

Many thought that records might be broken due to this being the 100th Main Event in the tours history but the amount by which records were broken would surprise anybody.

It is the sort of start to Season 11 of the EPT that simply could not have been any better. The other events also broke a number of attendance records including both the Super High Roller and High Roller event.

Well, now in case you missed the live stream of the final table, it has now been uploaded to the PokerStars YouTube channel. Please be advised that the coverage is 12 hours long, so it might be wise to take it all in split across a number of sessions, unless of course you have the spare time and patience to sit through it all in one go.

The event lasted six days and this was the final one, with each of the players that had done extremely well to make the final table, now left to fight it out over the very best payouts left in the event. Many of you may already know who actually manages to take down the title but for those that completely missed all of the action, we will not spoil it for them.

Here is the final table chip count at the start of play and the money that was on offer for each of them:

1st) Hossein Ensan – 10,295,000

2nd) Samuel Phillips – 9,035,000

3rd) Ji Zhang – 6,480,000

4th) Andre Lettau – 5,405,000

5th) Slaven Popov – 3,720,000

6th) Andrey Shatilov – 3,675,000

7th) Kiryl Radzivonau – 3,420,000

8th) Andrea Dato – 2,825,000

Prize Money

1st) 1,261,000

2nd) 709,000

3rd) 498,000

4th) 362,000

5th) 286,000

6th) 224,500

7th) 171,600

8th) 121,300

Sit back, relax and enjoy the action!