EPT Deauville ME: Katchalov Going for Triple Crown (vids)

PokerStars Team Pro Eugene Katchalov

Day 4 of the EPT Deauville Main Event is in the books as 16 players will return tomorrow and play down to the final table with Sotirios Koutoupas leading them.

Ekrem Sanioglu started the day as the chip leader. Throughout the tournament the French amateur showed a willingness to play pots and that trend continued on Day 4. A couple of missteps lead to him getting short stacked and eventually eliminated in 28th place and taking home €15,950.

Dario Sammartino’s EPT Main Event came to an end in a particularly brutal fashion as his flopped set of Kings on a 10s-Kh-Jc-9c-4s board was no match for Tatu Maenpaa’s flopped Broadway straight. Dario immediately entered the EPT High Roller event.

The possibility of a repeat EPT champion ended with Zimnan Ziyard’s elimination in 22nd place. In almost back to back hands, Ziyard couldn’t improve after running into pocket aces. He took home €21,220.

One of the more unusual stories of the EPT is the one of Bahram Chobineh who will enter Day 5 as the short stack with 327,000 chips. Chobineh is playing in the Main Event because he lost a bet. In interviews Chobineh has said “I don’t know what I’m doing”. To the surprise of most of his table he laid down pocket queens face up pre-flop. When his opponent showed pocket Aces, Bahram’s decision was vindicated. He faces a tough table tomorrow with Eugene Katchalov to his immediate right.

Eugene Katchalov saw his chip stack dwindle a bit but finished up in the top 10 going into Day 5. The Team PokerStars Pro already has a WPT and WSOP bracelet on his resume and is looking to become a member of the exclusive “Triple Crown” club by adding an EPT championship. Katchalov has played very solid poker every day at Deauville and cannot be counted out of taking the championship.

Eli Heath also finished the day with a top 10 chip stack. His table draw for day 5 is a tough one as he is seated between Tatu Maenpaa and Eugene Katchalov.

The players will return tomorrow and play down to the final table.

The chip counts going into Day 5 are:

1) Sotirious Koutoupas – 2,695,000
2) Chun Ho Law – 2,579,000
3) Tatu Maenpaa – 1,921,000
4) JP Kelly – 1,801,000
5) Florian Ribouchon – 1,719,000
6) Alex Goulder – 1,365,000
7) Oliver Price – 1,275,000
8) Eli Heath – 1,191,000
9) Alexandre Amiel – 1,174,000
10) Eugene Katchalov – 1,002,000
11) Anthony Lerust – 839,000
12) Demitri Holdeew – 637,000
13) Rustem Muratov – 548,000
14) Jean-Yves Malherbe – 476,000
15) Carlo De Benedittis – 417,000
16) Bahram Chobineh – 327,000