EPT Deauville Main Event – Castaignon Claims Title

Yesterday, we saw another high profile poker event come to a close, with the PokerStars European Poker Tour Deauville Main Event finally completed after having to go into an extra day. The player that came out on top was the French professional Remi Castaignon.

He came into the day with a massive chip lead and managed to keep that momentum going to claim his first major title. He took home €770,000 for easily his best ever score, as well as becoming only the second French player to win this particular event.

The Chip Counts At The Beginning Of The Day!

Joseph El Khoury — (1,710,000)

Jeffrey Hakim — (895,000)

Enrico Rudelitz — (2,690,000)

Franck Kalfon — (1,195,000)

Robert Romeo — (1,440,000)

Walid Bou Habib — (3,835,000)

Noel Gaens — (1,720,000)

Remi Castaignon — (9,900,000)

The final table didn’t take long before it was completed, mainly due to Castaignon having a massive chip lead and many of his opponents being short stacked. In total it took five hours to be played out, with Castaignon not making it easy for himself after losing a massive hand to Frank Rudelitz.

Rudelitz had already just eliminated the shortest stack at the table, when he found an A-A and called his opponents all in, who was holding the A-K. Rudelitz came out on top and then got involved in that monster hand with Castaignon straight after.

Rudelitz doubled up against the chip leader in an 8 million pot, and pushed himself into the chip lead when he hit trip queens on the flop.

That ensured it wasn’t going to go all Castaignon’s way, though he did recover well. He eliminated Franck Kalfon in fifth to get himself back to the top of the chip counts. Rudelitz on the other hand had started to struggle and eventually went out in fourth place, with Castaignon being the man responsible.

Castaignon then found another pocket pair of aces, which sent Robert Romeo home in third place when holding the Ad-Kc. That left us heads up with Castaignon having almost a 2-1 chip advantage over Bou Habib.

The final hand saw Habib push his last 7 million chips into the middle when holding the Kh-8h, Castaignon called with pocket threes and saw the board of 6c-4d-5s-10c-Ah deliver him the title and first place payout.

How It Finished!







Remi Castaignon – €770,000

Wali Bou Habib – €475,000

Robert Romeo – €275,000

Enrico Rudelitz – €215,000

Franck Kalfon – €165,000

Joseph El Khoury – €125,000

Noel Gaens – €87,800

Jeffrey Hakim – €60,000

That signalled the end of another fully entertaining EPT event, with it bringing the expected high quality of poker action.