EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final Live High Stakes Cash Game

Monte Carlo

During the European Poker Tour Sanremo not so long ago it was announced that there was to be a huge cash game being held at the now playing EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final. This announcement finally put an end to many rumours surfacing about the subject over the last few weeks, many with suggestions of different buy-ins as high as a million Euros.

These rumours actually came about because there was one held last year that was streamed live by the EPT and PokerStars. This was the case again this year, though as of yet although it was streamed live the footage has not been released as of yet for those that missed it.

If you missed last years cash game, you can see that one right below.

The true minimum buy-in for this one was set at €250k and the game actually played out right after Day 1 of the Super High Roller a couple of days ago. There is not too much information on what happened during the three hour session just yet but we do know that there were players such as Phil Ivey, Richard Yong, Isaac Haxton, Alec Torelli, Paul Newey, Christoph Vogelsang and Dan Cates with the latter apparently being the biggest winner on the night.

PokerStars have provided us all with a little recap of what went down and who came out as the winners and losers but we will have to wait for the full coverage to fill in the gaps.