EPT Player of the Year Sees New Changes

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The Player of the Year race during the European Poker Tour has always been one of the key interests for players and fans throughout each season, with the player that wins able to not only have the bragging rights of being recognised as the best player on the tour for that particular season but also a free €50k buy-in into a PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker event of their choice.

For EPT Season 11 however, there is going to be the chance for a couple more players to receive honours as PokerStars who have been working alongside Global Poker Index have come up with three separate Player of the Year awards.

EPT President Edgar Stuchly released a statement giving his thoughts on why the new changes are warranted:

“The European Poker Tour caters to an incredible spectrum of players of all skill levels and bankrolls, and we believe the Player of the Year should reflect that, each stop of the EPT is a huge poker festival and this change allows us to recognize this diversity.”

The awards have been broken up to recognize players that are unable to compete in the highest buy-in events. This gives lower buy-in players something else to aim for rather than just concentrating on the more recognised names in the game.

These awards will be classed as Gold, Silver and Bronze with each award targeting certain levels of buy-ins. The Gold award will go to the overall best performing player from the higher buy-in events, the Silver award will go to the player that has performed best in some of the larger side events and the Bronze award will go to the player that has performed the best in the lower buy-in side events. Each of the players that win will be awarded with a customised trophy.

Alex Dreyfus who is the President of Global Poker Index said:

“We are pleased to continue our relationship with the EPT, I’m happy that the EPT and Global Poker Index continue to work together to establish industry standards. We share a vision and commitment to promote poker as a global and unified sport to a mainstream audience.”

We feel it is a great change as we should not always just be focusing on the well known players but also giving the up and coming players a chance to show their potential too.