EPT Sanremo Side Events results

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The EPT Sanremo reached its conclusion and all that poker players remember now is who won the Main Event and who prevailed in the highroller tournaments. While these were the biggest achievements, the names of those who prevailed in side events are also worth remembering. This is what happened in the final tournaments of the EPT Sanremo festival and the names of those who made a deep run.

Gianluca Trebbi made Italians proud at the end of Event 39 by outshining a pack of competitive European poker players at the final table. Andrew Chen from Canada and Michael Kanaan from Australia made the final table, but were eliminated early one, leaving Trebbi and Romanello to fight for the trophy. The Italian won the €2,150 8-Handed Grand Final Hybrid event with a prize pool of €104,760

  1. Gianluca Trebbi – €26,900
  2. Roberto Romanello – €22,400
  3. Atanas Kavrakov – €18,100
  4. Dzmitry Urbanovich – €16,300
  5. Michael Kanaan – €15,000
  6. Andrew Hulme – €3,360
  7. Andrew Chen – €2,700

The PL 7-Stud Deep Turbo set players back €220, but for Konstantin Puchkov the investment was worth making, as he won Event 37. The prize pool stood at a puny $3298 and only four players made the money as you can see below.

  1. Konstantin Puchkov – €1,385
  2. Dario Alioto – €920
  3. Vallo Maidla – €590
  4. Andrey Lobzhanidze – €403

More money were on the table in Event 35 where 91 players participated and Giovanni Rosadoni from France got away with the main prize. Tigran Yazychyan came in second, while Maxime Rouillot was the last one to make the final table. Another Italian won Event 34, this time Federico Cipollini being the one to prevail in an original NL Deep Turbo “Deuces Wild” competition and secured €4,650.

There was no shortage of players in the €1k + €1k NLHE Turbo Bounty, also known as Event 33 and Dmitry Ponomarev cruised to an easy victory and a check of almost $30k. At the opposite end of the spectrum we have Event 32 which had a buy-in of €990 and attracted just 13 players. 10 of them failed to make the money, while these three finished on the podium and collected a share of the €11,349 prize pool

  1. Fabrice Soulier, France, €5,680
  2. Franco Sozzi, Italy, €3,400
  3. Aleksandr Orlov, Russia, €2,269

19 players found it worthwhile to pay €990 to participate in the PLO single re-entry and as a result, Event 31’s final table consisted of 6 players. These are the ones who made it this far and their final placement:

  1. Andras Kovacs, Hungary, €11,280
  2. Ashot Kagramanov, Russian Federation, €7,800
  3. Matti Hautanen – €4,980
  4. Jyri Merivirta – €3,800
  5. Mikko Turtiainen – €3,000
  6. Christoph Haller – €2,314