EPT Vienna Main Event – Ghamrawi Leads Final Table (vids)

EPT by PokerStars

As Day 5 of the €5,300 EPT Vienna Main Event got underway 17 players took their seat, each with their eye on the €816,000 first place prize. In only four and a half hours the final table was set.

Anthony Ghamrawi is the chip leader going into the final table with 5,150,000 chips but he can’t rest easy as Frei Dilling and Pablo Gordillo are not far behind, each with over four million chips. Over the last couple of day Gordillo has played well and has run good. Earlier in the tournament, Gordillo was referred to as an “unknown” player. No matter where the Spaniard ends up, his days as an “unknown” have come to an end.

A great deal of chip leaders Ghamrawi’s stack game as the result of a massive double up against eventual final table bubble boy Gavin O’Rourke when both players were all-in with O’Rourke’s Queens behind Ghamrawi’s Kings. In the tournament’s largest pot yet, the Kings held up and O’Rourke became one of the short stacks. O’Rourke managed to hold on long enough to be the bubble and take home €60,800.

Gavin O’Rourke took his defeat in stride and looked on his EPT Vienna experience in a positive light.

Day 5 was very short for Mike Adamo as he was eliminated on the first hand of the day when he pushed his final 491,000 chips with Ace-7 from the cut-off and was met by a re-shove from Roman Korenev holding Ace-King. The better hand held up and Adamo made an early exit. Johnny Lodden quest for a third EPT final table fell short as he was eliminated in 15th place. Lodden, in what has become somewhat of a trend fell when his Ace-King could not improve against a pocket pair. The PokerStars Team Pro made the best of his early exit.

The other eliminations were mostly the result of big hand against big draw as the shorter stacks looked to double up.

Roman Korenev saw his tournament come to an end in two back-to-back hands, holding the same hand against the same player Ruman Nanev. Korenev’s Ace-Queen failed to hold up against Nanev’s Ace-10 and 10-10, sending Korenev home in 10th place.

O’Rourke’s elimination came shortly afterwards at the hand so Frei Dilling and the final table was set.

Final Table Chip Counts

Anthony Ghamrawi 5,150,000
Frei Dilling 4,230,000
Pablo Gordillo 4,075,000
Timo Pfutzenreuter 3,740,000
Simeon Naydenov 3,550,000
Rumen Nanev 2,765,000
Oleksii Khoroshenin 2,150,000
Marko Neumann 1,685,000 90,000

Final Table Payouts

1 €816,000
2 €497,900
3 €349,100
4 €262,150
5 €203,900
6 €151,000
7 €108,100
8 €77,000

Check out the roundups of Day 5 and some suggestions for future EPT stops by the players themselves in the videos below: